Cyber Security

Cyber Security at CyOne

The Information Assurance field has evolved over the last few years to become the broader discipline of Cyber Security, which has grown rapidly to become a linchpin of the DoD application and network security paradigm. The Risk Management Framework (RMF) is NIST-defined process that addresses all facets of security, but with a critical focus in the Cyber realm. Cyber-attacks have grown to be a significant threat for both the Government and Commercial Industry. Certification and Accreditation (C&A) events using previous accreditation frameworks focused on high-level technical policy implementation guidance. RMF is the latest accreditation framework to be utilized by the DoD to ensure a proper and maximum security posture for all applications, systems, and platforms through a number of different controls and security requirements.

At CyOne our team of Cyber Security specialist have been securing government and Private sector Networks and systems for over 20 years.

The approach that CyOne utilizes has always been an evolving one. As requirements change, as the threat environment evolves, as systems are updated or enhanced, and as vulnerabilities are exposed, all require an agile Cyber team that can continue to evolve with the system and environment. Our innovative approach keeps CyOne, and our customers, on top.

RMF at CyOne

Successful implementation of RMF requirements to any system requires an experienced and qualified team. CyOne’s Cyber team is experienced in migrating large scale software programs from DIACAP to RMF, and in applying the concepts of defense-in depth and defense-in-breadth in order to ensure positive C&A and operational security results. Our Team has extensive experience in assessing risk and implementing mitigation strategies, and in applying all six steps of the RMF process to large and small scale programs. All of our Cyber security practitioners are RMF certified and are experienced across the entire RMF process. CyOne’s cyber practitioners are eMASS appointed, which requires each practitioner to be on Cyber Appointment orders “8410.01 certified” to become eMASS certified.

Intelligence Analytics & Technological Consultants

CyOne, Inc. maintains a team of skilled intelligence practitioners that provide a high level analytical experience as a resident team of Users across the multiple disciplines of the Intelligence Community. Working as consultants to government program offices, the team provides their decades of operational experience as intelligence practitioners in support of our government clients. Specific areas include Intelligence Process Integration and Workflow Development.

Intelligence Process Integration & Advanced Analytics

This effort is focused on the transformation of intelligence processing in order to provide a decisive advantage across the Army and Department of Defense. Services include, but are not limited to…

  • Consolidating Expertise as Intelligence Practitioners in order to refine, enhance, and transform intelligence Tasking, Processing, Exploitation and Dissemination capabilities as an Intelligence baseline
  • Engaging the operational force and user community to assess applicable needs and forecast future capability requirements in support of global operations, as well as Decisive Action engagements
  • Providing operational insights and inputs from analytical experience to government organizations
  • Creating operationally relevant analytical workflows by acting as a liaison between the Intelligence Community, various TRADOC Capabilities Manager organization, and the respective Program Management Offices to ensure all requirements are received and properly vetted against the current doctrines and practices of the Intelligence Warfighting Function (IWfF)
  • Assisting with the software development process by working hand-in-hand with Systems Engineers to advise the implementation of relevant and accurate requirements to enhance the capabilities of intelligence systems. This is achieved by providing ongoing workflow concepts in support of new and enhanced capabilities; as well as through continuous collaboration with industry partners and vendors on their respective projects to ensure user requirements are fully understood and met

Workflow Development (CyberONS, DCGS-A, CPCE, IC, etc.)

This effort is focused on the conducting operational readiness reviews of baseline intelligence environments in preparation for future test events (DT/LUT/OT) and deployments. Services include, but are not limited to…

  • Maximizing potential system capabilities and limitations by imitating a fielded unit’s receipt of equipment. Utilizing this layout the team will concept/review all business processes, test cases, resources used, user accesses used, and datasets available to baseline systems against operational use and best practices through the development and creation of relevant operational and realistic workflows
  • Creating use cases and story boards within a systems portfolio based on previously identified workflows and requirements to further enable to development and enhancement of future software releases and capability enhancements
  • Reviewing Test Cases and creates Workflows/TTPs within a system portfolio for each of a represented systems domains, as well as document user stories, etc. for use at other government related events
  • Assisting with the traceability of requirements to workflows and the identification of gaps across a systems portfolio in order to identify priority requirements that need to be addressed across the domains of System Engineering
  • Conducting user driven acceptance testing within a systems portfolio to assess and verify functional, performance, reliability and quality assurance against the major design requirements for current and future capability releases of software baselines

Software Development

CyOne has a team of skilled engineers that are capable of solving the difficult problems faced by the DoD and is known for delivering complex systems on time, with high quality, and within budget. CyOne engineers are given wide latitude in the performance of their tasks and are led by seasoned software veterans. Areas of expertise include Database Engineering and Application Development.

Database Engineering

CyOne, Inc’s Application Development is a team of skilled software architects, developers, system engineers, and testers that have a track record of delivering high quality software applications to both desktop and cloud systems. The team is skilled in the use of multiple software languages (C#, Java, Javascript), map tools (Esri ArcMap, OpenLayers), and web architectures/frameworks (REST, AngularJS). In addition, the team has deployed solutions to both Linux and Windows environments. Project work includes:

  • MFWS: a tool used Army-wide for Intel analysis (.Net, C#)
  • DCAT: a cyber-enabled version of DCGS-A (Mongo, ElasticSearch)

Application Development

CyOne, Inc. has a turn-key software development team that delivers high quality desktop and cloud-based software applications in C#, Java and web technologies running in Windows or Linux environments. Recent projects have focused on government military applications using mapping technologies and web solutions.