Wide-area Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance Discovery (WISRD)

CyOne has developed its proprietary modular web-based COTS product line called Wide-area ISR Discovery (WISRD). This product line leverages integrated state-of-the-art opensource technology and DISA approved Ironbank Docker containers to enable end-to-end support of WISRD’s four modules for Collection Management, Support to Targeting, All-Source Analysis, and Weather Effects.

The four modules that make up the WISRD product line are called WISRD-Collection Management (WISRD-CM), WISRD-Support to Targeting (WISRD-ST), WISRD-All Source (WISRD-AS), and WISRD-Weather Effects (WISRD-WX). WISRD has demonstrated experience integrating capabilities and maintaining interoperability with multiple Joint and Army systems.

WISRD’S federated services demonstrates the effective integration of the latest in opensource technologies that add efficiencies toward intelligence warfighter tasks while retaining the flexibility to utilize both local and cloud-hosted computing resources.

WISRD-Collection Management (WISRD-CM)

WISRD-CM enables prioritized, time relevant ISR and other asset collection planning in order to support operational Electronic Warfare, Intelligence, and Information Dominance requirements and mission needs. These capabilities support multi-echelon and Joint collaboration to ensure proper alignment and prioritization of (EW, Intel, and Cyber) assets and dynamic sensor re-tasking, thus eliminating duplication of effort, and expedites synthesis of post-mission collection data to the Warfighter to support operational timelines.

WISRD-Support to Targeting (WISRD-ST)

WISRD-ST enables critical support to targeting tasks within the operational environment throughout the entire Decide, Detect, Deliver, and Assess (D3A) workflow to support the Military Decision-Making Process (MDMP). These tools service end to end target development life cycle management through its mission planning, target intelligence packaging, alert notifications, and Battle Damage Assessment (BDA) capabilities.


WISRD-AS enables situational awareness and understanding of the operational environment through data visualization & analytics, threat modeling, mission planning, and support to the targeting process. These tools provide All-Source practitioners with an in-depth and rich toolset to fully build threat knowledge and understanding to enable the MDMP.

WISRD-Weather Effects (WISRD-WX)

WISRD-WX enables the analysis of weather impacts and effects during the collection, processing, evaluation, and interpretation of relevant military operations. These capabilities enable intelligence professionals with the ability to evaluate the effects of each military aspect of weather and identify which aspects have the most bearing on operations and decision making.